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Sitemap is a tool that inform search engines about the structure of your site. By placing a sitemap on your website, you enable Search Engine crawlers (like Google) to find out what pages are present and which have recently changed, and to crawl your site accordingly. You don't have to manually submit sitemap as it automatically (if settings is enabled in the admincp) Notify Popular Search Engines (Google, Bing) when sitemap changes.

What's New

+ Fixed some server related Bugs

+ Build customizable sitemap file for your site contents
+ Output standard sitemap XML and compressed Gzip files using Sitemap Protocol (http://www.sitemaps.org/protocol.php)
+ Generate Different Sitemap per each Channel
+ Automatic Update Notification to marjor Search Engines (Google and Bing)
+ Cron Job Link available for automatic Sitemap Build and Update Notification
+ Modify Change Frequency,Priority, Date modified for Sitemap Url
+ Set Max output url per Channel

Built-In Sitemap
Sitemap comes built-in with support for all Crea8social Core Plugins as well as Popular LightedPHP Plugins

+ All Core Registered Pages
+ User Profiles
+ Photos Albums
+ Auction Plugin
+ Badges Plugin
+ Blog Plugin
+ Business Plugin
+ Course Plugin
+ Dictionary/Words Plugin
+ Donation Plugin
+ Educationl/Books Plugin
+ Event Plugin
+ Forum Plugin
+ Game Plugin
+ Group Plugin
+ Job Plugin
+ Livenews Plugin
+ Marketplace Plugin
+ Movies System Plugin
+ Music Plugin
+ Page Plugin
+ Poll Plugin
+ Property Plugin
+ Quotes Plugin
+ Radio Plugin
+ Resume Plugin
+ Store Plugin
+ Video Plugin

NOTE: The plugin does not make any guarantee on the search engine ranking position of your website. The ranking position is determined by the search engine, which no one really have control over (unless you pay to be on top etc..) What the sitemap does, which is the main job of the plugin is to automatically "generate the sitemap" of links on your site for you, so that you do not have to do it manually (imagining you create a sitemap with thousand of urls yourself).
Also, It (optionally) help you submit that sitemap to the search engines, so that you do not have to manually do it.

Below is an Excerpt from WikiPedia, you can learn more about site map on Sitemap Wiki page(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Site_map).

Google introduced Google Sitemaps so web developers can publish lists of links from across their sites. The basic premise is that some sites have a large number of dynamic pages that are only available through the use of forms and user entries. The Sitemap files can then be used to indicate to a web crawler how such pages can be found. Bing, Google, Yahoo and Ask now jointly support the Sitemaps protocol.

Since Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and Google use the same protocol, having a Sitemap lets the four biggest search engines have the updated page information. Sitemaps do not guarantee all links will be crawled, and being crawled does not guarantee indexing. However, a Sitemap is still the best insurance for getting a search engine to learn about your entire site.

Below are curated Benefits of Sitemap :

The XML sitemap tells Google to crawl and index your website.
The XML sitemap tells Google what to crawl on your website.
The XML sitemap tells Google what kind of information is on your website.
The XML sitemap tells Google when your content was updated (which could result in more favorable or �fresh� rankings).
The XML sitemap tells Google how often your content is updated.
The XML sitemap tells Google how important your content is.
The XML sitemap helps your website instantly gain indexation for dynamically-generated pages.
The XML sitemap helps to overcome the limitations of a website with weak internal linking.
The XML sitemap helps to overcome the challenge of not yet having a strong external link profile.
The XML sitemap helps extremely large sites gain better and more organized indexation.
The XML sitemap helps Google crawl your website in a more effective way.
The XML sitemap shows Google all the pages on your website, even if they are deep within the architecture and might not otherwise be crawled as quickly.

If you�re ready to get started on creating your website XML sitemap, Purchase Sitemap Plugin.

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