Monitoring System

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What's New:

+ Improved User Roles

+ General improvements

Have you ever wondered which pages your currently online members are viewing at the moment?

Monitoring system (your eyes on your platform) is a Core and Essential plugin for your crea8social software.

It allows you to see in Real Time what your members are doing on your website and how your network is working out.

Admin can View Details on each members profile and see the list of pages the profile owner has visited.

You can also Track Fake accounts as you will be able to see Accounts from the same IP ADDRESS.

Check the Plugin Images to further see the Features of the Monitoring System.

No Frontend Demo Because the Plugin is Exclusively for Website Administrators

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This module brings the entire Bible to your website. Your users will be able to navigate, read and comment on Bible Books, Chapters and Verses. This is a great additon especially for a christian commnunity.

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