Monitoring System

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Have you ever wondered which pages your currently online members are viewing at the moment?

Monitoring system (your eyes on your platform) is a Core and Essential plugin for your crea8social software.

It allows you to see in Real Time what your members are doing on your website and how your network is working out.

Admin can View Details on each members profile and see the list of pages the profile owner has visited.

You can also Track Fake accounts as you will be able to see Accounts from the same IP ADDRESS.

Check the Plugin Images to further see the Features of the Monitoring System.

No Frontend Demo Because the Plugin is Exclusively for Website Administrators

Featured Products

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SMS System

SMS has been the fastest and easiest way to connect with Users. This Plugin Allow you to integrate SMS Validation and Swift Account Retrieval (forgot password) into Your Social Network. You can also Send Bulk SMS to all Members or Select Members.

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Shop Theme

shop theme is an elegant theme provide an E - commerce interface for your Social Network.

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FBLite Theme (4.1)

FBLite version 4.1 theme gives your crea8social network a Beautiful Facebook-Like Interface with mobile responsiveness. If you want to create your own social network and make it look as good as Facebook - this is exactly what you need!

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Quote System

QUOTE SYSTEM help your members to share their favorite quote either by Text or Image Just Like Brainy Quotes. The Plugin support Multi language, Real Time Notification,Reaction system and much More.

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Resume/cv Plugin

Resume Module is a powerful plugin that allow members to build their Professional Resume on your platform with a vivid, Beautiful and Responsive Design. It is an excellent module for any niche social networks which allow members to give a summary of their work experience, Education and Accomplishment e.t.c.


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