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Are you looking for performance based marketing strategy to advertise your website, products and services? Affiliate system is an imperative tool to boost your business by creating an affiliate network.

More traffic to your website means an increased in likelihood of converting them to real customers, hence increase your revenue and maximize the value from your website visitors.

Affiliate system allow affiliates to earn a profit through purchases/subscription made by their clients. It encourages your members to share and introduce your website to others. It is a perfect tool to track referrals to your website.

What's New:

+ Affiliate System improved design interface

+ User withdraw earned points via Emoney


- Preview AffIliates information from the Admincp

- Bug Fixes and General Improvement


- Easy Affiliate Registration.

- Commission percentage based on users Roles/level.

- Have Unlimited number of affliates and up to 5 commission levels

- Integrates with Membership Plugin, Ads Plugin, E-commerce Solution, Spotlight, Property, Booster Plugin.

- Easily Generate Refferal links from the built-in link generator or Directly choose suggested links.

- Point system is used to keep track of each commission derived from the clients purchase. Users can request real money (converted from points) from based on the points exchange rate set by the Admin.



- Affiliate member can view all payment types which are supported. This page also lists out all commissions percentage set by the Admin.

- Notes that commssion rules are based on member level (User Role). The user can all commission rules of each member level.


- Each affiliate member has owned list of links used to send out to get more clients
- Ability to copy links from suggested links.
- Support create custom link from specific within the platform, the system will automatically generate corresponded referral URL.


- Display client network in hierarchal tree chart and summarize the total numbers of clients.

- Ability to view detail information of clients via profile.


- User can copy appropriate coded added by Admin and paste it on website or somewhere else to make it available to potential customer.

- Support preview Code


- Ability to view all refferred URLs on which affiliates clients clicked and thereby registered successfully.

- support search for specific link by Date.


- Affiliate member can view all purchases information such as Purchased Date, Client Name, Payment Type, Total Amount, Commission Rate, Commission Amount, Commission Points,Reason and Status of each purchase.

- Support search for specific purchase by Client Name, Purchased Date, Payment Types and Status.


- Ability to view affiliate statistics including Total Number of Payment, Total Commission Point, Total Available Point.

- User can view Total Number and Total Point for each kind of Status(Approved, Denied, Waiting) Support view by LINE CHART AND PIE CHART.

- Support earning statistics based on the Date Range set by the user.


- With available commission points, affiliate users can send request to Admin to receive money.

- A user can edit affiliate account's information such as Contact Name, Contact Email, Contact Address, Contact Phone

- A balance summary session is available with Total earnings, Pending points, Available points, Received points, Current Currency and Points conversion Rate.


- Allow Automatically Approve Registration Request

- Allow Automatically Approve Affiliate Earnings

- Set number of commission levels.

- Set Minimum and Maximum Request points

- Set Code Banner.

- Set Affiliates Terms and Condition.

- Set commission Rules an affiliate can earn from his clients based on member level.

- Manage Affiliates, view all affiliates, search by name, status and registered Date.

- View Affiliate Contact Information including name, email, Address and Phone

- Approve/Deny member registration requests.

- Manage User Request (Approve/ Deny)

- Support search by Affiliate name requested date and filter status.

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