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Hello Everyone,

We have updates available now on your dashboard as our team having been working round the clock to ensure you and your members have a very good experience of our plugins.

In the last couple of weeks, you might have received a couple of mail from Post light indicating that their API Mercury Parser API which is been used in Livenews Plugin will stop accepting requests as from April 2019.

You have nothing to worry about as we have already anticipated this and you are not even waiting until April. Your Livenews plugin now comes with an Inbuilt Article Parser Library which means everything now resides on your server.

This means more speed and more control as you automatically get the latest news and articles to your members from around the world with Livenews Plugin.

Updates Highlights

+ Livenews
- Added inbuilt parser to replace Third party Mercury API (Require PHP version 7.0)
- Other improvements and Bug Fixes

+ Circle System
- Drag Feature now works on mobile
- Bugs Fixes

+ Location Filter
- Fixed Admincp Ads Saving Error

+ Resume
- privacy saving error fixed

+ FBLite Theme
- Fixed Multi comment

- Login with Mobile number fixed

General Improvements and Bugs Fixes
+ Donation
+ E-commerce
+ Course
+ Flags
+ EMoney
+ Booster
+ Badges

Still have not purchased these plugins? Purchasing now will give you direct access to the plugin features and the updates.

If you have made customisation to any of these plugin, please open a support ticket for our support team to do the upgrade for you.

Build your platform with our plugins and standout from the pack.

Do you want specific features for your website based on our Plugins and Themes? You can make your request once and get a quotation right away.

We look forward to hearing from you.


LightedPHP Team