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It is a brand new year again which is always accompanied with new year resolutions, new visions, new dreams, new members on your platform, new customers, new competitors e.t.c

It is important to make a note that many businesses will crash, new ones will spring up, and some online communities will grow while many others will cease to exist. This is why from LightedPHP we would love to share insights on how to refresh your online community in this New Year

Vision and Mission: New Year provide you an opportunity to reflect on your community/business vision and mission. What is the main reason why your community/Business is existing? Who are your targets Audience? Are you still on course and focused on your vision? What are the new strategies/Approach you can take to project your business/community in this New Year?

Thank you for 2017 :Appreciation is simply application for more. This is another opportunity to appreciate your staffs, co-workers and your ever present community members. You can send a mail out to thank them for their contribution towards the success of the previous year.

Awareness of the Available Features:It should not amaze you that there are still a lot of your members that do not know about some unique features that are available on your platform e.g. Verification system, Ability to Drag Chat Bar anywhere on the page, Group Chatting, Boost Post e.t.c. As the year is just starting, constantly notify them about the new features you have added either from our Premium Plugins or Crea8social Premium Plugins. If you add an affiliate System to your platform, your members should be notified that they can now earn by promoting your website.

Members Suggests:You can also provide an opportunity for your members to suggest what they look forward to see on your platform in this new year. Based on their suggestion, you can know what next to Add or Remove. Remember it is not about you, it is all about your members/customers.

You can contact us for customization to meet your platform needs

New Year Expectation:Does your platform have an upcoming event in this new year? Do you have any ideas/features members should look forward to? Any packages you know they will love to know about? You should tell your members about your community plan and schedule for the year if you have any. It gives them members a sense of belongings and importance.

We look forward to make your community more successful in this New Year.

New Year Deserves a New Feature, Check for new features or design you can give your Members in this New Year.

Thank you for reading

Wishing you a happy New Year.