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We are very excited to bring you our latest module which allows you to add and listen to your favorite radio stations on your platform.

With over 20 Radio Stations pre installed, you can add as many stations as you want. The Modules comes with lots of features and fully customize-able. Listen on new pop up, Like/comments on Radio Stations, Real time Notification and Lots More.

Social Radio gives your website an opportunity to host worldwide Radio Broadcasting station.


+ Add/Edit/Delete Radio Stations

+ Stream Links/Iframe Object

+ Real time Notification

+ Play Radio in pop up

+ Over 20 popular Radio Stations pre installed

+ Add More unlimited Radio Stations and Lots More....


+ Manage Radio Stations

+ Feature Radio Stations

+ Add New Radio Stations

+ Import Radio Station


+ Featured Widget

+ Genre/Tags Widget

+ Most Liked Radio Widgets

+ Most Play Radio Widgets

+ Popular Radio Widgets

+ Related Widgets

+ Top Listener Widgets

+ Radio Top Menu Widgets

+ Top uploaders Widgets

FULL DESCRIPTION AND PURCHASE : https://lightedphp.com/plugins/social-radio

DEMO : https://demo.lightedphp.com/addons/radios


LightedPHP Team

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