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Howdy everyone,

We are very excited to annouce second product release for this month of August, Badges Plugin.

Badges plugin encourages members to perform various activity, frequently interact with each other and compete with friends in your social network. It is a simple and fun way to increase interaction and reward member activities.

You can create different badges and define conditions to get them, for instance 30 blog posts to get Super Blogger badge and 10 music tracks for Music Lover badge. Badge can contain multiple conditions.

FULL DESCRIPTION : https://lightedphp.com/plugins/badges

To celebrate this release we are offering 20% off all our products including Badges and Social Radio Module (version 1.1)

Discount Code : BR302018

Offer valid Till 30th August 2018

We truly believe Badges modules will give your members that motivation Boost to keep them Engaging with your social network.