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We are glad to notify you that the following plugins have been upgraded.

This release addresses a lot of found issues and some major improvements.

Below is a list of improvements made and bugs fixed.

Let us know if you saw any bugs in our script or have any improvement suggestions.

We will be glad to look into them.


SMS system 2.0

+ Users can see and Update their phone number on the General settings

+ Admin can see the list of all users and manage the phone numbers

+ Admin can set how many account a phone number can connect to

+ Phone Number Login error fixed

+ General Improvement

Booster 2.1

+ compatibility with crea8social new paypal plugin

+ Support coupon system

+ General Bug Fixes

Location Filter 1.2

+ Added kilometer to Profile calculated distance

+ General Bug fixes

Monitoring System 2.0

+ Fixed "Details views" profile Button Overflow

E-commerce solution 4.0

+ Fixed Address on producer

+ Admin can Enable/Disable "Pay on delivery".

+ General Improvement

Pokes Plugin 1.1

+ Compatibility Dating system

+ General Improvement

Welcome tips 2.0

+ Fixed compatibility with Dating system

+ compatibility with the latest version crea8social

Schedule/Future Autopost Plugin 3.1

+ Fixed feed sharing not showing on feed


Lucid Theme 2.0

+ Fixed Load More

+ Compatility with the latest version of the Crea8social

+ Enable or Disable 2 column

+ General Improvements

Fblite theme 6.0

+ Comment Field similar to Facebook

+ Set Fixed Enable/Disable Fixed sidebar

+ General Improvement

Warning: if your sites are customized, especially if it is related to these plugins or themes, please DO NOT upgrade but submit ticket for quick checking. We need to make sure that upgrading will not make your custom work lost.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to submit tickets under Client Area