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Hi everyone,

We understand you want to have your website running without it interfering with your other engagements such as work, family, school and other engagments you might have.
Life seems to be going faster and faster, with more to do and less time to do it. Lack of time have made some website administrators to give up on their quest towards building a successful online community.

We will be sharing some insights today on how you build and run a self-dependent social networking website.

Investment :

Self-dependent website is an outcome of Quality Investment. The investment can be in terms niche research or obtaining the right product and services for your website.

Starting from the right hosting provider, scalable server set-up. Then to equipping your website with the RIGHT FEATURES for your members; to content availablility which can be provided by (LIVENEWS, CINEMA SYSTEM, SOCIAL RADIO e.t.c ); to Promoting your websites (Through self promotion,guest blogging on related niche website, Ads campaign e.t.c); to Growth and Activities Monitoring (Tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns); to Assigning of Accountable Website Moderators (With verified icons and Badges). e.t.c

The steps above demand patience and consistency which are what makes up Quality Investment.

Moderate :

To Protect your members and your Quality investment in your absentia, there is need for you to assign a website moderator. The moderator regulates your website content and members activities. He/she reports to you on the progress of the website.
In most cases, a moderator is one of the most active member of your community.

Tracking :

A self-dependent website is not a website without an owner or an Administrator. Once a week, Once a month, Quarterly, Yearly, track the progress of your website. Check how well your website is doing, what needs to change and what can be improved.

Thank you for reading.


LightedPHP Team