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We are aware you want to grow your community and have more members. Your members also want to be rewared for their time. And lastly you probably want to increase your revenue. This is why Affiliate System Plugin was created.

Definition of Terms:

+ An Affiliate is somone who wants to promote/advertise your website to others.

+ A Client is someone who signed up to your website from the link your affiliate provided.

+ Commission is what an Affiliate Earns when a Client Purchase/subcribe to a package on your website.

How it works:

+ Login Users can register to become Affiliate.

+ All Affilates have their own unique links which they can share with their Friends and Family.

+ If An Affiliate has a website, There is a CODE he/she can copy to display your website on his website.

+ Anyone that signs up through the link shared by an Affiliate is connected to that Affiliate and the new user is now reffered to as a client to that Affliate.

+ Whenever a client purchase or do subscribe to a package. The Affliate will earn some commission Based on the Percentage set by the Admin.

+ Affliates can request payment for their commission earned.

Affiliates System Plugin Full Descrition and Purchase : https://lightedphp.com/plugins/affiliate-system

Hope this is helpful.

Thank you for reading.