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Based on the feedback we received from the part one of our blog post 'Growing your online community'. We will continue right from where we stopped. You can refresh your memory on the discuss of the first part here. We will however, be sharing some few more insights that we believe, if adopted, will improve and take your platform to the next level.

Being Not just a Community Manager, but also a Member : By Participating in your community, it gives you a better understanding on the perception of your platform by your members which invariably enables you know what features is needed and those that needs improving. This also show your members that you believe in your Brand and also in your platform.

Turn your Existing members into Advocates : Since you have already, the trust of your existing members, on your platform and the service you render, encourage them to actively participate and promote your website. And likewise rewarding them for promoting your website, which will definitely motivate them to do more. Check our Affliate Addon for crea8social to reward your existing members for promoting your website.

Track your members Behaviour : This involves using analytic Tools such as Google Analytics, Yahoo! Web Analytics, Crazy Egg or our Monitoring System Addon to keep an eye on your members interest.

Check Feedbacks and Be reachable: Occassionally asking for feedback from users, on posts related to any new features added to your community. Also, initiate and engage in discussions with your members to learn more about what they actually require.

Thank you for reading