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Beyond good intentions, dreams and goals, growing an online community requires more. Getting started is much more easier than gettting going which is much tasky. We have hightlighted some factors you should consider if you are really interested in growing your community.

Your Growth is in your Difference - It is good to have a platform where people can do everything. However, it is better to have a platform where people can do specifics. You should have a niche. Let your Difference obvious, it will attract new users. It will also inform new members to know what to expect from your community.

Know Your Audience - Before thinking of growing your community, who are those you expect to join your platform? Correct Answer to this will guide you to provide the right content for them. I highly recommend you build relationship with social media communities where your potential members are.

Keep the Mometum - An Online community without much acitivity will die quickly. Channel efforts towards increasing users activities. You can reward contributors to further encourage users participation in your community. If you just getting started, you can automate activities such as Automatically Updating status, Posting Blogs/News e.t.c.

Rome is not built in a day. Growth Requires Time, Patience and Dedication.

Thank you for reading .