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We will be giving a quick insight on how you can apply the real world population strategy to grow your online community.

In the real world, The population of a country depend majorly on two things

1) Birth rate/Death rate

2) Migration (Immigration or Emigration)

There are lots of factors that that is responsible for the 2 mentioned points above but we will focus majorly on the aspect that we can adopt to an online community.

Explanation of terms as it relates to this post:

Birth rate : New customers, new Members or visitors of an online community
Death rate : Members who left your online community
Immigrants : Members who join your online community from a previous existing online community
Emigrations : Members who left your online community to join another existing online community

Birth rate :
For an online community population to be on an increase, the birth rate is expected to shoot up.

How to acheive this:

i) Put up an engaging content on your platform that is worth sharing with others on (Facebook,Twitter, Instagram e.t.c).

ii) Promote other members engaging content that is also worth sharing with others on (Facebook,Twitter, Instagram e.t.c).

iii) Your existing members who already believed and trusted your platform can invite other members.
You can attach a reward to this so as to encourage them to invite their friends and family. Affiliate system module for crea8social can help you achieve this.

Death rate:

This factor must be reduced to the barest minimum for your community to keep growing.

How to achieve this:

i) Constantly recieve feedback from your existing members this can be through review or other means

ii) Introduce new features, this increases their trust in your commitment to the platform.

iii) Ensure your platform is in constant connection with its members via app,schedule notifications,SMS e.t.c.

Immigrants :

You want more of this in your community. Visit other growing community and learn to see why people stay on this platform and not on your platform. Bring some existing features from these platforms to your plaform and in a UNIQUE way.

How to achieve this:

i) Research platforms similar to your own and try to understand "WHY" people spend more time or join those platform.

ii) Be UNIQUE in bringing the feature to your platform. Be innovative.

iii) Take some time to know what your members want and see how you can get it to them.
Because if they don't get it, they will look for it somewhere else.


I know you don't want people to leave your platform but trust me, people will leave your platform.
However, you must ensure this is reduced to the barest minimum just like Death rate.

How to achieve this:

i) Don't satisfy one person and unsatify thousands or hundreds in terms of features/feedback/review. Always stick to your plaform MISSION and VISION.

ii) Check (i) above

iii) check (ii) above

We have a passion not only to BUILD your online community with our modules and templates but also to provide you with information on how to GROW it to achieve your desired result.

If you would like to see more of this, you can send your "Blog thumbs up" to us us via Livechat (This releases some dopamin in our brain to do more).

Do you have any Plugin suggestion, Customization request or Feedback We will be glad to hear from you via Livechat on(https://lightedphp.com) or email at ( [email protected] ).

Adding New modules to your community is another way of renewing your commitment to your platform.
Check our plugins page to add more and interesting features to your platform