Quote System

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QUOTE SYSTEM help your members to share their favorite quote either by Text or Image Just Like Brainy Quotes. The Plugin support Multi language, Real Time Notification,Reaction system and so on.

Key Features:
+ Users can Add/Edit and Delete Quotes (Text or Image).
+ Users Can Favorite Quotes
+ Quote in Profile Page Blocks
+ Sort Quotes in different Categories such as Motivational, Inspirational e.t.c
+ Shared Quotes Auto post to Feeds
+ Real Time Notification on Quote comments and Likes
+ Sort Quotes by Author
+ Two view Patterns (List and Grid). Admin can set Default
+ Support Reaction system like Feeds
+ View Authors Details on Wikipedia (Based on the Default language set )
+ Mobile Responsive
+ Works perfectly with Activity Plugin.
- Works With Crea8social Search System

+ Quote of the Day
+ Most commented Quotes
+ Most Liked Quotes
+ Most Favorite Quotes
+ Latest Quotes
+ Quote Categories
+ Most Popular Authors
+ Menu

+ Add / Remove / Delete Quote Categories
+ Set Quote of the Day with Just A click.
+ Manage Quotes ADD/EDIT/DELETE Quotes.
+ Search By Author or Quote Content.

+ Give Users Privileges to share Quote
+ Set Quote Limit
+ Set Quote Text Color
+ Set Quote Font size.


1) Unzip the downloaded file.
2) Goto your ROOT Folder->plugins and paste it in the 'Plugins Folder'.
3) Goto your Admincp->Manage Plugins and Activate Quote System.

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